About Us

About Us

Woah Group Pte Ltd

We are a Singapore distributor for beauty, health and sports nutrition products, We are also proud brand owner of WOAH! that produces our health food, beauty and health supplements.

Singaporeans have become more health conscious and eating healthy is on most of our minds along with regular exercise. Many have become proactive with their health and is constantly looking out for which product gives them the highest benefits.

Despite market saturation, we believe that brands can co-exist to offer more varied choices to our consumers. We work hard in building our brands as well as growing together with our principals brands to bring in quality products that will benefit our consumers most.

Who We Are

Woah Group is Asia’s leading distributor and retailer of high quality sports supplements. We are part of a conglomerate active in many different industries across South-East Asia, Australia and the Pacific for over 20 years.

Brand Distribution

Woah Group Pte Ltd operates in one of the fastest growing regions of the world for the sports nutrition industry servicing a marketplace of 600 million persons in South East Asia and 1.4 billion persons in China. We are committed to delivering outstanding sales growth to our brands and customers by providing full market coverage as both a wholesalers and a retailer of sports supplements.

Our Promise

With a key focus on a reputation for honesty and reliability, our brand enthos ensures:

  • Exclusively stock safe and effective products
  • Informed and friendly community of like-minded people working towards a common goal of fitness.
  • Ensuring needs and fitness.

We offer our customers:

  • Lab tested and certified products
  • Big brands at discounted price
  • FDA, AVA, HAS approved products
  • Top quality customer service.

Community Involvement

We recognise the importance of nurturing both the local and national sporting community and as such are regularly involved with activities that aim to educate and encourage the people of Asia to participate in sporting events. These include:

  • Supporting up-and-coming athletes
  • Sponsoring and providing equipment to sporting teams
  • Organising fitness and bodybuilding shows
  • Building fitness business directories to help promote healthy lifestyles